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We've developed our wealth management strategy from the ground up, particularly for the client that wants a tailored and personal wealth management experience.

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At Roncancio Wealth Management our mission is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns while protecting our clients portfolio’s against steep losses.

Taylor Roncancio CRPS®

CEO & Managing Partner

Senior Portfolio Manager
Financial Advisor

Growing up in a blue collar family, Taylor Roncancio witnessed the sacrifices his parents made to provide for him and his two younger brothers. Taylor’s father, the owner of small air conditioning company, put him to work at a young age and taught him the value of a dollar. Taylor learned from his parents the importance of honesty, commitment, work ethic, and family. Taylor believes that in order to connect people to opportunities for financial success, you must step into “their shoes” and take the time to understand their financial lives. It is through this process that he is able to tailor wealth management strategies to fit business owners, individuals, and families unique needs.

Taylor Graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply & Value Chain Management. He also played safety on TCU’s football team. Taylor then acted as Facility Manager & Director of Safety at a chemical management solutions provider in the fortune 500 space, he worked at Park Avenue Securities and Merrill Lynch. After realizing all the restrictions large firms put on their advisors, Taylor ventured out and started Roncancio Wealth Management, Inc. with the thought in mind that he would create a tailored, individual experience for every single one of his clients to better manage their assets effectively. In his spare time, Taylor serves on the Board of Adjustment for the City of Scottsdale and volunteers with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Taylor lives in Scottsdale and is an avid TCU football fan.

The breadth of his clientele include professional athletes, non-profit organizations, endowments, corporate executives, business owners, and retirees. In addition, he helps business owners implement effective 401(k) plans and works closely with clients’ tax attorneys and CPA’s. As retirement plan options evolve and tax complexities increase, many companies seek professional plan administrators to design, install, and maintain their company plans. Noticing this and having a passion for working with employees, executives and business owners, Taylor earned his Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist® designation. One of his focuses is helping large corporations employees understand all of their options in their 401(k) plans.

Austin Roncancio

President & Partner

Portfolio Manager
Financial Advisor

Providing others with a high standard of service has been a key priority for Austin Roncancio since the beginning of his career. Every summer growing up, Austin would work for his father’s A/C and heating company, doing A/C installations in Houston, TX. It instilled in him a strong work ethic, integrity and an appreciation for what it takes to earn a dollar.

Austin went on to graduate from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply & Value Chain Management. He worked at Echo Global Logistics, a technology-driven transportation management company. Austin then acted as COO at Fresh Air LP, an HVAC company. During that time he implemented a marketing program, established policies and procedures, managed the company’s online presence and website, and helped run the day to day operations. He then founded Purple Enterprises LLC, a real estate investment firm specializing in locating and rehabilitating undervalued real estate investment opportunities in the southwest region of the United States to be sold or leased.

Realizing that he wanted to be able to service others in a more significant manner, Austin joined his brother, Taylor, in Phoenix, AZ to start the next chapter of his career as a partner at RWM. In Austin’s eyes, the number one priority when it comes to doing business should be identifying the needs your client and doing everything within your power to satisfy those needs. Austin’s core values are integrity, respect, honesty, and reliability. He feels that these are standards to live by and are the cornerstone of his daily life. Austin top priorities are God, family, friends, and his clients. Having a family of his own, Austin knows the importance of financial stability and protecting what his clients have worked so hard to build. These reasons are why he has dedicated his life to serving others and doing everything in his power to ensure a stable and comfortable future for each and every one of his clients. Austin’s responsibilities include customer relationship management, legacy planning strategies, researching domestic and international markets, and assisting in portfolio management.

Corbin Hixson

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager
Financial Advisor

Laguna Niguel, California born and Houston, Texas raised, Corbin Hixson started his first successful entrepreneurial venture at age 14, walking door-to- door offering his power washing services to neighbors. From power washing fences to driveways, Corbin’s entrepreneurial visions began early. At this early age he learned the importance of exceptional customer service and a strong appreciation for what it takes to earn a dollar during Texas’s hot and humid summer days.

Graduate of Arizona State University, Corbin attained a Bachelor of Science in Finance at the W.P. Carey School of Business. During his university studies, Corbin acquired his real estate license and began as a mentee under a successful Scottsdale Realtor with $40 million in residential sales per year as a college freshman. Corbin is still a dominant real estate broker in the Scottsdale valley with multi million dollars in personal sales. In addition to real estate, Corbin was an intern for two wealth management firms during his junior and senior years at ASU. Post graduation, Corbin continued in wealth management as an Investment Advisor for Cambridge Financial. After building a client base and learning of the restrictions that large firms place on their advisors and the advisors clients along the way, Corbin ventured out to learn more about becoming a fee only financial advisor for an independent RIA. Searching for the best fit for his clients, Corbin found the perfect home at Roncancio Wealth Management.

Corbin’s clientele include corporate executives, business owners, and retirees. A strong family dynamic attributes to Corbins burning desires to serve others, and manifests itself in his unwavering commitment to his clients. Corbin’s top priorities include God, family, friends, clients, and his charitable organizations. In his free time he enjoys golfing, traveling, volunteering, and family time.

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