At Roncancio Wealth Management, we take a modern approach to portfolio management. We believe that investors need a tactically managed portfolio that reflects current market conditions.

Simple Economics

After cutting through all the red tape on Wall Street, what moves an investment vehicle's price is supply and demand. We all understand the basic forces of supply and demand. The same forces that affect prices in the supermarket also affect prices in the stock selection.

Point and Figure methodology has been around for over 100 years and is just a logical organized way of recording the forces of supply and demand. Roncancio Wealth Management has taken this time tested approach and given it new life.

When beginning the asset allocation process, often times one of the first questions that is asked is, "what is the proper mix of fixed income and equities?" As you know, there are countless number of ways to answer this question, whether it is based on risk tolerance, age, valuations, interest rates, etc. But while the rest of the industry may follow those routes we have found relative strength to be the most robust and adaptable methods for constructing one's asset allocation as well as answering the fixed income or equities question. Relative Strength, as the name implies measures how one security is doing compared to another, and what better way is there to determine whether to own or overweight equities over fixed income, or vice versa, then to compare equities versus fixed income on a relative strength basis.

Investment Strategies

Roncancio Wealth Management feels that tactical asset allocation provides a systematic and disciplined way of over weighting asset classes when they are in favor on a relative strength basis.

  • Tactical Tilt Growth Portfolio
  • Tactical Tilt Dividend Yield Portfolio
  • Tactical Tilt Fixed Income Portfolio

The investment models are managed tactically and are re-balanced monthly to reflect current market conditions.

Investment Philosophy

At Roncancio Wealth management we focus on two things, protecting and growing client’s wealth. Our rules-based strategy allows us to remove the one thing that is responsible for the destruction of assets like no other word in our vocabulary, emotion. We aim to take this term out of your financial vocabulary, and act in an appropriate manner based on RWM’s 5 step investment process in accordance with current market conditions. We do not adhere to a “buy and hold” strategy. We focus on asset classes and market sectors, for as long as they produce. We believe that tactical asset allocation provides a systematic and disciplined way of overweighting asset classes when they are in favor on a relative strength basis. The relative strength strategy does not stop with just determining the strongest asset class. We then use relative strength methodology to determine which are the strongest sectors within the emphasized asset class. This allows us to take advantage of the positive momentum within the emphasized asset class, the sectors within it, and at the same time help protect our clients principal while multiplying their assets.

Investment Approach

Our Financial Investment Process for narrowing down potential investments to a pool of suitable investments involves a strict set of proprietary internal research strategies. Our analysis of the various markets follow a strict set of rules and principles that have been tested over the course of time.

Investment Road Map

If you were going to take a trip, driving from coast to coast, the first thing you would pull out would be your road map, or these days, your phone. You wouldn't just blindly jump on any road and hope it takes you to your destination. Like a road map, or plan, our investment strategy follows an unbiased road map for your financial journey.

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